Hat Sizing

What's my hat size?

A hat should be worn where the front tip of the hat is low on the forehead and just above the eyebrows. The hat should lay flat on your head. This is the traditional way to wear a hat.

Measure the circumference around your head (just above your eyebrows) with a piece of textile measuring tape. You could also use a string or rope to measure the distance around your head. Then lay out the straightened string or rope to measure.

Most of our hats use the following:

My hat fits a bit large. Can I adjust it?

You sure can! Most of our women's hats have draw strings, check if yours does! If your inner band has draw strings located near the tag, simply pull them gently and tie in a knot until you reach your desired size.

For our men's hats or women's hats that don't have draw strings, you can purchase sizing tape from us. This ensures the inner band doesn't get worn out and is the most comfortable to the wearer.

To install the sizing tape, place the foam tape on the inside of the hat, behind the sweatband. Make sure the sticky side faces the wall of the hat, not the sweatband. Wrap the sizing tape completely around the hat for more of a size decrease, or cut the tape in half for less of a size decrease. Make sure the hat fits before removing the adhesive.